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Family Law

A divorce is a  stressful enough experience even when the couple are on good terms. When the terms of the Marital Settlement Agreement become a point of disagreement, such as who gets what, the stress level and time and money involved in resolving the issues increases.

     It is always our goal to try to achieve mediation and a good faith negotiation about property, spousal support, custody, etc. When that doesn't work or is not possible, our job becomes obtaining the result our client wants.

     Family law in California is governed by the Family Code. Most people don't really understand what the law says about separate or community property, marital obligations such as debts, etc. A lawyer who can guide you through this most difficult process becomes your friend and ally.



Selecting the right attorney and knowing what to expect is your first step down the road to a successful and
satisfactory conclusion. You should have a feeling of confidence about the attorney who will represent you. You should feel as though he or she will represent you and be as dedicated to your rights and needs as they would if it was their own situation.  Below we have provided some third party information and advise.

                        How to select an attorney and what to expect

                        What will it cost?