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A law firm is a service business and we know that our individual and business clients need creative and practical solutions to their legal problems. A lawyer should be able to adapt his or her approach to each situation based upon the  realities facing the client. In a similar vein, a good lawyer should be able to figure out quickly which issues are critical, and which are likely to determine the ultimate outcome. 

Our strength is in superior pre-trial negotiation. The best solution is one that doesn't include a trial. But make no mistake, if it comes to trial, we can evaluate the best process to minimize the disruption and expense for our clients.

Another strong point is our focus on minimizing billings. Our greatest satisfaction is a successful conclusion for our clients without making them feel it was too costly. Our clients come back. We regularly enter into incentive fee agreements, including pure contingent and modified contingent fee agreements, on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.